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Job Listings

Create affordable advertisements that reach out to thousands of job seekers. Yours ads remain online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 30 days for maximum exposure. Our flexible set of Pricing Plans allows you to choose one that is most suitable for your needs and when they change, there is no penalty when you switch plans.
Job Listing Management

Manage your advertisments easily and conveniently using our interactive Job Listing Management service. You can activate,suspend or edit advertisements at will anytime of the day, giving you complete control over your ads.
Candidate Search

Our Candidate Search service enables you to locate suitable candidates for positions that you have to fill. Our multiple search criterias allow you to quickly home in on those candidates that best meet your requirements, and then allows you to request for their detailed resumes. The Candidate Search service is available to all employers with at least one active job advertisement.
Account Information

Find out, with a click of the mouse, your account balance with us. Our Account Infomation service gives you full details about the advertisements that you have submitted, including cost information, allowing you to have a complete view over your recruitment expenditure with us.
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