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Job Listings

Browse or Search through Job Listings posted by our Employer Members. Our Job Search service allows you to quickly home in on jobs that matches your capabilities and experience by allowing you to enter multiple search criterias.
Direct Application

As a member, you are able to make a direct application to job advertisements, saving you time in typing cover letters and managing your Resume. The Direct Application service will generate a cover letter and attach a copy of you Resume and send it directly to the employer via email.
All applications made via Direct Application are also recorded so that you can have a history of your job applications.
Candidate Search

By submitting your profile and Resume to our Candidate Search service for employers, you are advertising your capabilites and experience to them. They are able to make a search through information that you have provided, but rest assured that your identity will remain undisclosed unless you explicitly grant access to those employers who have requested for it. Please read our Privacy Policy if you have concerns about providing your personal information.
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